RIP ishoperth

The sorry state of the retail sector here in the West, (and no doubt elsewhere), has led to my major client, Community Newspaper Group, to cease publishing ishoperth¬†as from last week’s issue. It’s a shame for many reasons that I don’t really need to go into here, except to say that it was a fun product to work on and, more importantly, had lots of potential so I’m sorry to see it go without having been allowed to keep on blossoming.
I’ve loved magazines since I was old enough to be allowed to read Dolly (and I can still remember Cleo‘s first male centerfold but I was, of course, too young to be allowed to souvenir that one for posterity) and have made much of my career around designing them. Ishop had a great, passionate and hard working team behind its creation and it’s a big shame that we weren’t allowed to give it our all but, such is the current economic climes and the big boys were simply not willing to give it the time and resources needed to see us through the bad times.
So just to say bye bye, here’s some examples of ishop that deserve to stay out there. (click for larger view).

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