I might be the worst blogger around … if anyone actually read my posts then they would most certainly agree. I’ve been busy, distracted, all of the above. But since I’ve recently been able to do some more work for the wonderful Esther Foundation, I thought I’d get back to the website and post some work and blog entries. I had fun making this poster above… the quiz night is this Saturday so if you happen to be in Bunbury – a chance to revisit the silliness of your youth (if you are old, like me…) or perhaps savour for the first time that highly entertaining beast that is the quiz night.

Funnily, I recently got to do that, this Saturday night past, a fundraiser for a very talented young sailor who is to go to Hungary this year and participate in the World Youth Laser class championships (that might not be the exact right term for it but it is what it is!!). I can’t remember the last quiz night I went to, but do remember that I was child-free, most likely job-free, and the beverage of choice was beer, lots of it, in big jugs, poured badly into glasses called middies. So it was quite some time ago. And although I never won a quiz night due to never being asked to join the savant’s table, I did, on occasion, manage to pick up a prize or two for having the most creative doodles. I didn’t get the chance to demonstrate my creative doodling capabilities last Saurday night, as I wasn’t quick enough to wrestle the pen and paper from the other mum on the table who was a quicker draw than me so I had to sit quietly on my hands and hope that others on the table were clever enough to win the night and claim the prizes.

I have no idea if we did just that… it went on so long that I had to drag my tired boy (whose inability to stay awake past 9pm is proof that having unbelievably long eyelashes (nicknamed his “camels”) is not always a blessing as they require steroid-powered eyelids to keep them up all day) home before the final gong was banged and the winners announced. But throughout the night I revisited some of the old favourites, which were just as much fun un-fuelled by Swan Lager… the heads and tails game is one that comes to mind. ¬†Although in the old days it was performed with 20c pieces as the gold hadn’t appeared on the scene yet… and of course we had extra work wrestling the iphones and tablets from the grubby hands of the kids table who have no qualms about asking Mr Google for help during the night… if we’d had them in my day I would probably not have had a chance to realize my doodling ability.

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