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Time seems to fly by these days, probably because I’m getting way too old for comfort but also maybe because I’ve been super busy these past few months, making the move from office work to freelance. Nothing is meant to be easy, and that’s quite an understatement. Having to get out and find work is a constant challenge, but it’s also exciting and when I sit back and look at the projects that have come my way, I’m really excited by their diversity and the range of skills that I have to bring to them.

One of my favourite jobs, and one I’ve written about here earlier, is the Sri Lankan cook book that I’m designing with the wonderful Sarogini Kamalanathan and photographer Craig Kinder. I’ve always wanted to design a cook book, and even though I never envisaged how much work is involved I am still loving it… especially as now, design wise, ┬áit’s finally coming together.

Sarogini’s recipes are delicious, some of which she has carried with her from her childhood days in Hatton, in the Sri Lankan high country, and others that she has tweaked and perfected over the years she has cooked for her family and friends and, later, through her much-loved cooking classes in both New Zealand and Australia. So since the book is finally coming together (notwithstanding all the editing that is still to come…!) I thought I’d post a few page spreads to show how far we’ve come. The book will feature recipes and also lots of fab spreads showcasing Sri Lankan life as seen through the lens of Craig Kinder during our trip last year (was it that long ago?!).


Sri Lanka Food contents page


Green Banana Curry

Green Banana Curry


Chicken recipes

Sarogini’s chicken tandoor and spicy honey-baked chicken drumsticks.

Sri Lankan HIghland tea plucker

Plucking tea in the high country. And an elephant for good measure…

Sri Lankan Children

Sri Lankan children

The coastline near Galle

The coastline near Galle – still showing signs of destruction from the boxing day tsunami.

Sri Lankan Banquet Rolls

Sri Lankan Banquet Rolls, spicy and delicious!

So difficult to choose images for this project; our seven days of travelling resulted in hundreds of fantastic images, often snapped out of the window of our hired van or, like the image of the little girl, above, just by Craig being in the right place at the right time, and with a sharp and canny photographer’s eye.

The patterns I used in the pages all come from my (less proficient) photos; there were patterns everywhere and I really wanted to find a way to incorporate them in the overall book design. I will do a separate post on these another time… watch this space!

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