For the love of a good curry

Sarogini's food shoot

I’m excited to say that we have just finished an intense four days shooting the remaining food shots for Sarogini’s upcoming Sri Lanka cook book. It meant Sarogini preparing, us styling, and Craig shooting over 25 different dishes in four days; no mean feat for the dynamic Sri Lankan lady who never seems to tire. She was a trooper…

And thus began the production line of delectable Sri Lankan curries, from the fragrant kitchen adjoining Craig’s fab studio in downtown North Perth, to the studio set up and then to our plates! I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much and can now honestly brag that I can handle a curry pretty much as hot as the Sri Lankans can … (maybe not as much as this).

Sarogini's food shoot

It's easier with a Lion beer...and please notice the lack of flies thanks to Norm's superior fly swatting skills, which no respectable food shoot should be without.

The wrap of this shoot means that we are one (major) step closer to helping Sarogini achieve her dream of producing a cook book that celebrates the fabulousness of Sri Lankan food with her particular twist – her recipes are designed for the novice cook and honed to perfection after years of running classes from her kitchen.

It’s been a long journey and one that’s been a learning experience from day one… except perhaps for Craig who is responsible for photographing an impressive range of best-selling cook books over recent years and so we are really fortunate to have him on board, helping to add magic to Sarogini’s book and teaching us heaps along the way. Like how important a pair of tweezers is to food styling…

Sarogini's food shoot

Tweezer action...

So now it’s back to the design drawing board for me; choosing the best of Craig’s images from our Sri Lankan trip, tweaking the colour palate, designing patterns (absolutely positively NOT work!), finalising the layout before passing it on (gratefully) to the editors. And the lucky people who get to test the recipes!

And all the while I fed my instagram obsession by snapping our table arrangements; not necessarily after styling was complete but you get the drift…

Sarogini's food shoot - coconut pancakes.

My idea of heaven - pancakes stuffed with coconut and treacle!

Sarogini's food shoot - layout sneak peek

A sneak peek at one of my layouts - trying out typography!


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    Jennifer Bryant May 28, 2012 at 8:01 pm #

    Beautifully done Cally. You and the team have done a great job. I will have no hesitation in making sure people know about your work as it is excellent!

    • Avatar
      Cally May 29, 2012 at 9:38 am #

      Thank you Jennifer, much appreciated!

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