Anyone who knows me will be aware of my slight obsession with running. The very funny Hannah Gadsby just posted “running is a rather magical combination of distress and boredom” on Twitter… and I kind of have to believe her, and add that the ‘magical’ bit is not, for me, an apt description of the unlikeliness of something being both distressing and boring at the same time, but more the fact that no matter how horrible it feels while doing it, I am utterly addicted to how it makes me feel afterwards. Some would say that’s the endorphins and I say whatever… give me more! I think my running has saved me from slipping into some dark places this year, when things haven’t gone exactly to plan.

But what has this to do with the image above, you may be asking… Early this year I attempted my first 5km fun run. I have done longer ones, and I don’t think even a syringeful of endorphins would be better than the feeling of crossing the finish line, especially when there have been hills to scale and heat to conquer. But I thought this one would be a doddle so when the run commenced I rather arrogantly took off at a blistering pace, only to realize half-way through that I had bitten off rather more than my fitness could chew and it took an inordinate amount of “I think I can”s to get over that line, after which I collapsed and vowed never to run a race shorter than 10k again.

I wasn’t able to stay for the presentations but found, to my shock, that overestimating my abilities had paid off and I had somehow managed to win my section – my ambitions of ever achieving anything remotely athletic were squashed when in year four I was dropped from the school leaderball team – so I was both suspicious and elated when I got the call a few days later asking me to come and collect my prize.

That’s when I met Annette from the Esther Foundation, a non-profit charitable organisation which facilitates an extensive and award-winning young women’s residential health, development and leadership program. They provide intensive support for young women to overcome life controlling struggles and issues in a safe, structured and supportive environment, and their programme aims to educate, encourage, empower and enrich young women with self-worth, skills and the confidence to lead successful lives within the community, and reach their potential.

I was pretty impressed with what they are doing and offered to help out with any design work they may need, and as such I’ve recently done an invitation and poster for an upcoming fundraising Melbourne Cup luncheon which their South-West division is holding in Bunbury in November. It was a lovely, fun job to do and I look forward to being able to help out again in the future. In the meantime, if you are planning to be in Bunbury in November, grab a ticket and go along for the ride! For more info, you can visit their website here.

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