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  I came across this blog yesterday via Art Fido and it really struck a chord with me. Maybe because the hero image (above) was in Venice, and my first trip to Venice directly resulted from watching a Madonna video after a few too many beers… But it also struck a chord because it is […]



I might be the worst blogger around … if anyone actually read my posts then they would most certainly agree. I’ve been busy, distracted, all of the above. But since I’ve recently been able to do some more work for the wonderful Esther Foundation, I thought I’d get back to the website and post some […]



Anyone who knows me will be aware of my slight obsession with running. The very funny Hannah Gadsby just posted “running is a rather magical combination of distress and boredom” on Twitter… and I kind of have to believe her, and add that the ‘magical’ bit is not, for me, an apt description of the […]

Sri Lankan Banquet Rolls

Loving Sri Lanka Food


Time seems to fly by these days, probably because I’m getting way too old for comfort but also maybe because I’ve been super busy these past few months, making the move from office work to freelance. Nothing is meant to be easy, and that’s quite an understatement. Having to get out and find work is […]

Sarogini's food shoot - layout sneak peek

For the love of a good curry


I’m excited to say that we have just finished an intense four days shooting the remaining food shots for Sarogini’s upcoming Sri Lanka cook book. It meant Sarogini preparing, us styling, and Craig shooting over 25 different dishes in four days; no mean feat for the dynamic Sri Lankan lady who never seems to tire. […]

Practical patterns


I’ve had a couple of opportunities to work with a local children’s clothing designer, putting together some patterns for fabric and embroidery. Fun, it was… and a challenge to put together a repeating pattern design that could also have elements that can be taken and used on other pieces of clothing. But pictures are better […]

ishoperth magazine covers

RIP ishoperth


The sorry state of the retail sector here in the West, (and no doubt elsewhere), has led to my major client, Community Newspaper Group, to cease publishing ishoperth as from last week’s issue. It’s a shame for many reasons that I don’t really need to go into here, except to say that it was a fun […]

wood marbelling floor

On patterns, again.


Just so I can feel like web surfing is actually a useful occupation, here’s something I just discovered. “Wood Marbelling”. Just gorgeous, don’t you think? I would like to cover a chair with that pattern.

Islamic pattern

Islamic Patterns


I have always loved patterns and have spent quite some time attempting to create patterns and, more often, admiring (with some degree of envy) those of others. I have in my cupboard quite a collection of fabrics collected over the years with the good intention of making something significant from them that would celebrate their […]