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  • Cool

      I came across this blog yesterday via Art Fido and it really struck a chord with me. Maybe because the hero image (above) was in Venice, and my first trip to Venice directly resulted from watching a Madonna video after a few too many beers… But it also struck a chord because it is […]

  • Quizzes

    I might be the worst blogger around … if anyone actually read my posts then they would most certainly agree. I’ve been busy, distracted, all of the above. But since I’ve recently been able to do some more work for the wonderful Esther Foundation, I thought I’d get back to the website and post some […]

  • Esther

    Anyone who knows me will be aware of my slight obsession with running. The very funny Hannah Gadsby just posted “running is a rather magical combination of distress and boredom” on Twitter… and I kind of have to believe her, and add that the ‘magical’ bit is not, for me, an apt description of the […]